Insignia from WW2 WEHRMACHT & SS

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Arm badge for
Waffen-SS mountain troops

for upper right arm, by all qualified ranks of SS mountain troop units and formations.

Introduced in October 1943

Price: $95  or 950SEK

Jäger arm badge introduced 2. Oct. 1942. For Jäger (Rifle) Divisions and Jäger (Rifle) Batalions

Price: $40  or 400SEK

Arm shield, third and final issue, for members of Turkestan Legion (162nd Division)

 introduced in 1944.

Upper inscription in Turkestan language  = German  motto: Got mit uns (God with us)

Price: $30  or 300SEK

Insignia from WW2 Commando Units in United Kingdom

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Royal Navy Commando shoulder title.
Price: $30  or 300SEK



Rare Triangular Royal Navy Commandod insignia with a Fairbairn Sykes commando knife
Price $50 or 500SEK


UK WW2 insignia for parachute jumps

Price $40

Pris 400 SEK

British WW2 Army Air Corps (AAC)

Cap Badge in metal   250 Kr or 25 USD

Shoulder title for AAC  100 Kr or 10 USD

Both together 315 Kr or 21 USD

Combined Operations  120 Kr or 12 USD

Insignia from USA WW2

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