Operation Archery in Norway of Commandos on Vaagso
27-29th of December 1941


Norwegian Independent Company No.1 (NOR.I.C.1)


Kompani Linge

Norwegian Independent Company No.1 (NOR.I.C.1) was a British SOE group formed in March 1941 originally for the purpose of performing commando raids in Norway. It was organized under the leadership of Captain Martin Jensen Linge (1894-1941). In Norway the unit was and still is called “Kompani Linge”. Before its formal designation as Norwegian Independent Company No.1 a core of these Norwegian soldiers took part in the Lofoten raid 4th of March 1941 and they sank a German merchant cargo ship and helped to capture 213 German soldiers and 12 Norwegian Nazi collaborators as prisoners of war.

Captain Linge lost his life during the well known Operation Archery in Norway of Maaloja (Måløy), Vaagso (Vågsøy) Islands 27-29th of December 1941. Read more about him here:


After his death “Kompani Linge” never appeared together as a company, but in small groups of 3-4 soldiers. It was only after the war 245 soldiers came together as a unit only to be disbanded.

Company Linge was very important for the war efforts in Norway both with lots of guns which they distributed to the partisans called “Hjemmefronten” (The Frontline at home). They also boosted the Norwegian fighting moral.

All together 530 Norwegians served in this unit and they lost 57 members. Among the most well know is maybe Max Manus. The most famous raid performed by them was the attack on the heavy water plant in Rjukan, Telemark. It was called Operation Gunnerside and was later evaluated by SOE as the most successful act of sabotage in all of World War II.


Vaagso in Norway.



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Courtesy of van Ratingen


Captain Martin Jensen Linge (1894-1941)


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