An unique chans to buy

FOR SALE   price only 1 100 USD

1 pcs. Original Rifle scope WW2 for Swedish
Mauser Sniper rifle m/41B

This unique offer is complete with

  • Original AJACK scope
  • original Steel tube,
  • complete mount,
  • screws
  • very rare adjustment tool!
  • Original lens protection from leather

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The complete set:
scope, container, side-mount and base, objective protection and the very rare adjustment tool.

The scope is stamped with Swedish Crown and model 1941B and serial number 0219


View from top.
Note the rubber protection has been rolled back to expose the eye relief adjustment.



The standard cross-hair (No 1) used by the Germans. This was the very best scope during WW2 and long time after.

Inside the there should be a screw-driver tool.
This tool was removed by the army 1955
The Army didn't want the soldier to adjust the standard settings.

The sight adjustment tool can be seen in the container-lid twisted 90 degrees,
 to be fixed firm in place during transportation.

Very rare sight adjustment tool - original for the German made Ajack Rifle Scope 41

Note the 90 degrees countersink compared to the hole in order to keep the tool fixed in the lid of transportation container. The tool is marked with Swedish Army proof mark "3 Crowns".

Sight adjustment tool for the German made Ajack Rifle Scope 41