The Swedish Air Force Daggers

Swedish Air force dagger m/30

1930 the Swedish air force was the youngest branch in our forces. They wanted to follow the architecture movement of those days called Functionalism. However they wanted to build traditions. Previously only the Swedish Navy had used daggers but now 1930 the new air force accepted this dagger with only one loop for the hanger. This was a very beautiful but not practical construction because the dagger turned around easily. Dagger m/30 with one loop is not so commonly seen, but complete with the chain hanger it is rare.


If it might be of any interest later on the Nazis copied the design of this Swedish dagger when they wanted to make the dagger for leader of Hitler Jugend.

Courtesy of Johnson reference books

Swedish Air force dagger m/30-52

1952 it was changed to a scabbard with two loops to prevent it from spinning around.

The pommel has 3 Crowns (m/30-52)


In this form - it is still in use and produced today as you can see on it worn here on the official Swedish air force site.

In full dress
Uniform for parade in front of troops.


These daggers m/30-52 are not rare at all. The Swedish air force was during the 60-ies the third largest air force in the west so there are quite a lot around.

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