Field Stripping 
the Swedish semi automatic rifle Ljungman
Ag m/1942.

By O. Janson



Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is empty!

Please note both locks - one in front of and one behind the magazine.




On top Ljungmans semi automatic rifle

Ag m/1942B



Push the dustcover forward about 2 cm (1 inch)






Put the safety lever straight backwards and lift out the safety assembly.

Ease the dustcover slowly backwards.
Remove it from the receiver.

Remove the recoil spring.


Pull the hammer backwards to cock it.

DO NOT CLICK or fire THE GUN when it is striped! It will destroy the gun.

Remove the bolt carrier and the bolt.


Separate the bolt from the carrier.

The extractor can be removed and replaced with the special tool from the toolbox

The toolbox

Equipment for Ag m/42B

Picture from Sold I Mtrl 1969



Sold I Mtrl - Soldatinstruktion materiel1969 - Swedish army manual 1969