How to field strip different guns.


By O. Janson



Remove the magazine and pull the operating handle to the rear to clear the weapon of any ammunition.

Pull the trigger and click the gun to let the bolt go forward on an empty chamber.


Field striping the FN FAL


The release catch at the rear of the top of the receiver is pressed and the body of the gun is hinged exactly as in case with of the familiar shotgun.


The entire bolt  assembly may now be withdrawn as a unit from the open rear of the receiver.


Remove the dust cover.



The extractor and firing pin may be withdrawn in a matter of seconds and replaced if needed.


 Remove the gas operating plugg by pressin the locking bolt with a bullet.

Twist the plugg clock wise. Now the coilspring will push out the gas piston.



Receiver with a cocked hammer.


Receiver ready for cleaning.



FN FAL - manual.