Field Striping the Glock pistols.

(Swedish pistols 88 and 88B in 9 mm Luger.)

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Pictures from Swedish army manual.

How to remove the slide


  1. Remove the magazine.

  2. Check that the gun is empty.

  3. Dry fire the gun.

  4. Hold the pistol like in picture 10 and pull the slide back about 2-3 mm.

  5. Pull down the lock for the slide on both sides with your thumb and index finger and keep it down.

  6. Move the slide forward and remove it.


Barrel, spring and spring rod.

  1. Press the spring unit forwards and lift it out.

  2. Remove the barrel.


Removal of the firing pin.

  1. Insert a small chisel just under the base of the firing pin and press down the guiding tube about 2,8 mm.

  2. Press the plate in the rear of the slide out with your thumb
    (see picture 14

  3. Remove the firing pin together with the spring and guiding tube.


To assemble


  1. Use the slide as an anvil by putting the striker into the slide like in picture 16. The locking arm shall be in the position shown on the picture.
  2. Insert the spring and press passed the locking position.
  3. Insert the two half moon clips and let the spring come up. Make sure that it is locked by the divided tube.
  4. Turn the firing pin assembly around and insert it the proper way.
  5. Lock it in its place by inserting the rear plate.






Removal of the extractor.


  1. Check the extractor.
  2. Remove the firing pin as described above.
  3. Remove the bolt for the extractor together with its lock.
  4. Remove the extractor.
  5. Remove the safety for the firing pin and its spring.

To assemble


  1. Return the safety for the firing pin together with its spring.
  2. Insert the extractor and press simultaneously the safety inside to make the extractor move to a locked position. Release the pin safety.
  3. Insert the rod for the extractor together with spring and lock to the proper place.
  4. Return the firing pin assembly and the rear plate for the slide.


Technical information

 Glock 17 (P88) Glock 19 (P88B)
Length of slide 183 mm 171 mm
Length over all 205 mm 190 mm
height of pistol incl. sights. 131 mm 118 mm
width of pistol 30 mm 30 mm
Sight radius 165 mm 152 mm
Length of barrel 114 mm 102 mm
Magazine capacity 17 shots 15 shots
Weight w/o mag. 626 gram 574 gram
Weight of empty mag. 60 gram 56 gram
Weight of full mag. with m/39B 248 gram 240 gram
Trigger pull distance 5 mm / 10 N 5 mm / 10 N
Trigger pull 20-30 N 20-30 N


There are also +2 bottoms for the magazines,
which will increase an ordinary 17-shot magazine to 19 shots.
This is really very good for an ordinary sized pistol.


Pistol P88B = Glock 19




Reparationsbok pistol 88, 88B - FMV 1991 M7787-006070


And finally a little story about how the Glock pistols got their name:

Question: Do you know how the Glock got its name?

Answer: It is obvious – when you pull this plastic fantastic pistol from its holster you can hear a clear – GLOOCK!