How to field strip

the Swedish pistol m/07 (Husqvarna).

9x20 mm  (9 mm Browning long)



Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is empty!



Pull the slide back and push the safety up into the second notch.

Twist the barrel half a turn to the right side of the pistol to disengage the connection between the barrel and the receiver.

Holding the slide firmly, disengage the safety catch and permit the slide assembly to go forward and off the receiver runners.

Here we can see how the barrel has been twisted up into a recess in the slide so the barrel is disengaged from the receiver.


Now you have to engage the safety!
Releasing the hammer will damage the mechanism.





Remove the recoil spring.

Twist the barrel back to its normal position so the threads on the barrel are visible.

Here we can see the threads for the connection between the barrel and the receiver.

The barrel bushing should be twisted 180 degrees.



Now the barrel bushing can be removed and the barrel pulled forward away from the slide.


Field striped Husqvarn pistol m/1907


The threads on the barrel are visible which will lock into the threads of the receiver.

These threads from the barrel will fit into similar threads in the receiver.





Drawing of the Husqvarna pistol m/1940 (from the Swedish infantry manual 1939).


Soldatinstruktion för infanteriet 1939 - Swedish infantry manual 1939


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