How to Field Strip the German pistol P38.

(Also Swedish pistol m/1939.)

9x19 mm  (9 mm Luger)




Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is empty!


Insert an empty magazine.

Engage the safety. Safety lever downwards showing the letter S.

Insert an EMPTY magazine in the pistol.



The early HP type of P38 was also used by the Swedish military and it was called Pistol m/1939.

Here is a drawing from the army manual from 1943.


Hold the pistol in your right hand like for loading.


Pull the slide back so it is locked in its rear position.


Push the lock for the barrel and the slide down.


Remove carefully the magazine.


Hold the slide firm with your left hand and pull it to the rear and let it then slowly come forward together with the barrel.



Separate the slide and barrel away from the receiver.

Remove the barrel from the slide. They are joined together by the bolt lock.



If necessary push the pin (2) for the bolt lock (1).



Here is the bolt lock (1) in locked position together with the slide.

The pin (2) is out.

When the pin (2) hits the receiver the barrel will be unlocked from the slide.


Here is the bolt lock (1) in unlocked position and the slide can move back away from the barrel.

The pin (2) is inside.



P38 - field striped


Soldatinstruktion för infanteriet 1943 - Swedish infantry manual 1943