Field Stripping the MP43, MP44 and the StG44

by O. Janson


Remove the magazine and pull the operating handle to the rear to clear the weapon of any ammunition.

Pull the trigger and click the gun to let the bolt go forward on an empty chamber.


Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is empty!

Remove the bolt which passes through the receiver and the stock. Pull it out.

Withdraw the stock and pull out the recoil spring.


Withdraw the bolt carrier and the bolt.


Pull the trigger guard downwards and swing down this unit. Do not remove it.


Separate the bolt from the carrier.

Unscrew the gas cap on top of the barrel. Use the hole to twist it.


No futher striping is normally necessary.

To reassemble, carry out in reverse the steps outlined above.



D1854/3 - Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44); Gebrauchsanleitung vom 3.6.44; December 1944.