Be aware and very careful if you want to buy anything from these people:

Pawel Novak

Never buy anything from him!

I donít really think this helps but anyway I will tell you what he sent me to warn other collectors. He contacted me by email and called himself Pawel Novak His email is:


Thank you for your answer. I have got these items as a payment for my archival research work. But I also detect some places with my metal detector and I have found some items personaly. I am an archivist and I live in Poland. I am 32 and I was educated in the University of Lodz (International Public Law Faculty). But my main interest is archival research. Diving and sailig also. I spend a lof of time in the archives and museums. Where I have a lot of friends. For example I know Cmdr. Ltd. David Watters who was a Deputy Director in National Maritime Museum in London. I have also friends in Ministry of Defence in UK. I am sending to you some of my credentials and references I have got in English archives. I hope it will help to trust me a little. If you will need I can also send to you my EU Passport and EU Driving Licence.

End of cut <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 He attached lots of strange papers from MoD which made me suspicious right from the start, so I decided to test him and he failed heavily!


He is a well known criminal and he has nothing to sell! He only wants your money!

If you google you will find lots about Pawel Novak!