The arms of the Swedish
Infantry Artillery Battalion which was part of the
Infantry Brigade organisation "IB66"
in Sweden 1966 - 1977.

By O. Janson

Updated 2007-05-14

Top of the picture Light machine gun Kg m/1937 (6,5x55 mm)

Far left Ag m/1942B (6,5x55 mm)

On top of uniform m/59: Pistol m/1940 (9x19 mm), Submachine gun m/1945B (9x19 mm) and Rifle m/1938 (6,5x55 mm)

On top of the cap m/59: Pistol m/1907



Light machine gun Kg m/1937

(6,5x55 mm)

To the right Bag 1 and Bag 2 with spare parts for Kg m/37

Bottom left corner is a blank firing adapter.


Automatic rifle
Ag m/1942B
(6,5x55 mm)
with spareparts.


Rifle m/1938
(6,5x55 mm)

with some accessories.

Top blank firing adapter
Note the front sight hood.
Bottom line left to right:
Brass bag, oiler, hook for sling, sight adjustment screw.

Rifle m/1938 arranged for blank cartridges complete with brass collecting bag and blank firing adapter
The brass collecting bag in detail.


Submachine gun m/1945B in 9x19 mm (9 mm Luger)  (for more information about the m/45B read HERE>>> )


Here is pistol m/1940 in 9x19 mm
(9 mm Luger)
made by Husqvarna.
(This pistol is one of the first 140 pistols of this type made at Husqvarna.)


The pistol m/1940 has a tendency to give cracks in the slide beside the accelerator just behind the barrel and/or at the locking piece which can be seen here as the steel coloured part.




The material has, contrary to the Finnish Lathi, always been rather week.






It is a very big and clumsy pistol. It is definitely not a Saturday night special, but it shoots quite well. The problem with breakings  became eminent when the army changed from ordinary pistol ammunition m/1939 with blue seal for the bullet and the primer, for the submachine gun ammunition m/1939B with a red seal. After some accidents the army recalled all pistols m/1940 and only pistol m/1907 was allowed to use.


The pistol m/1907 in 9x20 mm (9 mm Browning) made by Husqvarna.

It should have been replaced by the pistol m/1940, never became obsolete until all pistols were withdrawn from military service in Sweden.

(The Glock 17 is sometimes used by Swedish military personal and it is called Pistol 88 but is only issued for international tasks.)

The pistol m/1907 was used by officers and medical personal as personal defence weapon within the Infantry Brigades alongside  with the pistol m/1940 and even replaced (!) pistol m/1940 when shooting with the pistol m/1940 was prohibited.

You can read more about the pistols and revolvers of Sweden HERE >>>


Machinegun m/1958 in 6,5x55 mm or later 7,62 NATO

Machinegun m/1958B in 7,62 NATO



Top and to the left:

Carl Gustaf antitank recoilless rifle

called grg (grenade rifle)

To the left
Antitank grenade
but it can also fire various other types of ammunition, like
high-explosive fragmentation rounds and
close-defense shrapnel-type rounds,
Antitank grenade for training.


Howitser m/1939 in 10,5 cm

Picture by Mats Persson

For more information about the Infantry brigade and the howitzer which was used (10,5 cm haubits m/39) please visit Mats Perssons homepage:



The organisation of the Infantry Artillery Battalion

Click HERE or on the image to see the organisation in detail.


The same small arms were also used throughout the entire Infantry brigade IB66. in the various bataljons.

These arms are now obsolete. Most of them have bee destroyed. By the turning of the century Sweden destroyed (melted down) more than 500 000 small arms.

Sweden has also sent the complete equipment for 10 infantry brigades IB 66 as aid to Baltic countries around 1994.



Josef Alm - Eldhandvapen förr och nu; 1953 (in Swedish language)
Soldatinstruktion för Artilleriet; 1941
(in Swedish language)
Soldatinstruktion för Infanteriet; 1943
(in Swedish language)
Nationellt Pistolskytte Nr 3-05
Kvibergs Museum, Gothenburg
Sveriges Försvar;
(in Swedish language).
Mats Persson -


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