A new Weapon system
from Sweden.

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CBJ MS and 6.5x25 CBJ


A new weapon system from Sweden.
The cartridge - 6.5x25 CBJ.
The Weapon system - CBJ MS
How to field strip the CBJ MS




CBJ MS weapon family

6.5x25 CBJ cartridge



David vs. Goliath or

High-tech vs. muscle power


6.5x25 CBJ vs. 5.56 NATO and even 7.62 NATO


CBJ MS in the light support weapon configuration
ith Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) scope,
a magazine for 100 shots and removable bipod.


A new small light cartridge, 6.5x25 CBJ and its projectile exceeds the performance of the standard ball
5.56 NATO ammunition. The standard 7.62 NATO ball ammunition is also inferior to 6.5x25 CBJ in many cases.

One small cartridge for most purposes on the modern battlefield, which is used in a small handy weapon, simultaneously combining the role of personal defence weapon, assault rifle and light support weapon! This is the case with 6.5x25 CBJ Modular System utilizing innovative and breakthrough  technology instead of old fashion muscle power. 

This multipurpose hard hitting ammunition and small versatile weapon system, which is related to this ammunition, were developed by CBJ Tech AB in Sweden.  

Until now, very little is known about this ammunition and the gun. The gun has been shown on a Gun show at the beginning of this century. Somebody put a 30 shot magazine in the forward grip which contains place for a spare magazine, while he put a 20 shot magazine in its proper place and took a picture! This gives a false picture for those who are not familiar with the gun. These pictures appear on several internet sites.

I have also seen some false information stating that the gun and ammunition was developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics in Sweden. This is wrong! They have been working with this project together with the CBJ Tech AB who designed it!


In an email from Saab Bofors Dynamics AB previously published on the web they have stated:


“We worked with this concept for a number of years, basically together with UK and their demand for a PDW (Personal Defence Weapon). The countries in Land Group 4 were unable to agree, so nothing came out of this project. Saab Bofors Dynamics are out of this reason not involved in this project any more.

Kindest regards
Saab Bofors Dynamics
Infantry Weapons, Eskilstuna, S-631 08 Eskilstuna"


End of quotation

Saab Bofors Dynamics does not claim that they developed or invented this gun or ammunition only that they have been dealing with the project.
They also say that they are not involved any more

but that does not mean that the project is dead!

The project 6.5x25 CBJ and CBJ MS weapon system  is VERY MUCH ALIVE!



This is the real story:

 Very little is until now known about this weapon system. I have used this gun and I can now show some more pictures and tell you some facts about of this top modern high-tech weapon system!

 The Swedish company CBJ Tech AB has developed this ingenious cartridge - 6.5x25 CBJ. They have also invented a gun for this ammunition.

 I don’t want to define what category this gun belongs to because it fulfils the demands for the Pistol, PDW (Personal Defence Weapon), the Submachine gun, the Assault rifle/carbine and even Light support weapon! All in one small easy to bring and handy gun!

 The history has shown that the development of new weapon types always starts with an invention of the cartridge. This was the case when black powder was succeeded by smokeless powder– the bullets and cartridges became smaller. This was the case when Germans developed the short rifle round (7,92x33 mm) during WW2 for the Stg44 and so on.

The weapon as well as the cartridge family is currently in the final stage of development. They have just recently been shown to some potential customers on the market.

Since some time, negotiations have taken place with certain main producers of the weapon as well as the cartridge family, but there is still room for negotiations with others as well.


For this reason I have divided this article in two parts.

I suggest that you start with the unique cartridge 6.5x25 CBJ
to realize the benefits of this weapon system.



CBJ MS as an Assault weapon with an Trijicon ACOG scope and a 30 round magazine.

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The author with the CBJ MS.

Behind me you can see a target for 50 meters range, which I shot with 2 clips (60 shots) full auto in standing position - with 9x19 mm Parabellum. (There are 60 holes in the target!)

The sight on the CBJ MS is the
Trijicon TriPower Tactical sight.


Although I want to be modest and objective I must say that the target area for the 60 bullets is quite narrow for being at a distance of 50 meters J. The CBJ MS is really nice to handle in full automatic fire.

The CBJ MS has borrowed the best things from the old reliable Swedish submachine gun CG m/45 and added many new high-tech inventions. This mixture makes it very attractive. One of the drawbacks of the old Swedish CG m/45 was that it only fired full auto and you had to be quick to release your finger. This has been dealt with! 

The CBJ has a device in the trigger for controlling the type fire. Selective fire is done by a 2-step trigger. If you pull slowly like you want to squeeze of an aimed shot then the CBJ MS will fire only one shot. If you pull the trigger fast and firmly it will fire in full auto. There is no safety to move or extra switch to forget. Just pull the trigger!

The recoil of 6.5x25 CBJ felt even lighter and faster than the 9x19 mm Parabellum although the two cartridges have the same impulse. The reason for this might be the very light projectile and the necked  cartridge of 6.5x25 CBJ compared to 9x19 mm.

The cartridge 6.5x25 CBJ is really a killing wasp which will deliver its lethal message to soft targets even if they are protected by body armour or steel at normal combat ranges.




CBJ Tech AB new website


Commander of Swedish Nationella SWAT for equipment.
Saab Bofors Dynamics
FN Herstal 
Izmash JSC.
Jane's International Defence.
Valery Shilin.




A new weapon system
from Sweden.

The cartridge - 6.5x25 CBJ.


The Weapon system - CBJ MS

How to field strip the CBJ MS