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Fairbairn Sykes Fighting knife and the British Commando knives.

by O. Janson                    

The Shanghai fighting knives


by O. Janson                

German Bayonets for the Mauser 98-system used
      with SG-42

by O. Janson     

Some knives from Finland during WW2   

by O. Janson     

The Stalingrad Sword
made by Wilkinson Sword Co. 1943

by O. Janson

Swedish Military knives
by O. Janson
The Swedish bayonets
during the 20th century.
by O. Janson

How to care about your edged weapons.

Recommendations made by the
Swedish Army Museum.

The Swedish Walk Out Bayonets

Le Vengeur de 1870 or Mle 1916.      At last!

The Swedish Air Force Dagger (design copied by the Nazis to make HJ Leader dagger).       

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